How Tilt Panels Work

Tilt panel construction is widely recognised as an environmentally friendly and cost effective construction method and as such concrete tilt panels have become the most popular form of commercial construction.

Concrete tilt panels, the walls of the building, are cast on site, either on the floor slab or on a cast bed specifically poured for this purpose. Formwork is custom made for each tilt panel. The formwok is made to suit the size and shape and to allow for any windows or doors in the panel. Steel and reinforcing bars are added. The formwork acts as a mould into which the concrete is poured.
Once this concrete has hardened, a bond breaker is applied so another tilt panel can be poured on top. This creates a ‘stack’ of tilt panels.

Concrete walls have now been formed, albeit lying on the ground. Once the formwork is removed these panels are lifted into place using a crane. Braces are added to tilt panels and as the crane lifts the panels using these braces, workers help to guide the concrete panels into position. When in the required spot the crane will set the panel in place. These walls will be temporarily supported by ‘props’.

The speed of this process is remarkable. Once the tilt panels have been ‘stood’ using the crane, the building’s structure is complete. This can happen in a day. The tilt panel walls are patched to finish any imperfections there may be and the joints between the panels are sealed to make the building water tight.

Our Team

Tilt Action are licenced in Queensland and New South Wales. We have a team of qualified carpenters, concreters, steel fixers, and labourers, who have extensive experience in the construction of tilt panels. Our team will deliver an outstanding building whilst maintaining the highest standard of safety.

The team is led by Shane Thomson who has over 30 years experience in the concrete construction industry. Shane is a specialist in tilt panels and will be your point of contact from inception to completion. During the build Shane is on site every day and so any issues that may arise can be quickly resolved.

We are a Gold Coast based company, employing locals and using local suppliers. You can be confident in our commitment to provide our client with excellent service.

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