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Our Tilt Action Team

Tilt Action has a core team of qualified carpenters, concreters, steel tiers, and labourers who have extensive experience in the construction of tilt panels. This team will deliver an outstanding building whilst maintaining the highest of safety standards.

Our team is led by Shane Thomson who is a qualified carpenter with over 20 years experience in the construction industry and he has been specialising in concrete tilt panels full time for 15 years. Shane will be your point of contact from conception to completion and he will be working on site to deliver your project. Because Shane is on site and not in a remote office any design or engineering issues can be quickly resolved.

Supporting the Tilt Action team on site is an administrative staff of two.
Tilt Action has an expandable workforce who we call upon for larger projects. Tilt Action ensures these are qualified tradespeople and because they are tradespeople we regularly use we know they have the necessary skills and that they too will be committed to providing excellent service.